Housesitting is Like a Box of Chocolates


House-sitting is like a box of chocolates. There are so many unique opportunities to choose from and you are never quite sure what you’re going to get until you arrive on the doorstep.

It’s been just over 60 days and we are now on our fifth house-sitting gig. Each has had it’s own unique charm. Hubs and I luxuriated for a month in a large home in the suburbs. Next we watched the sun rise over Mt. Hood from a high-rise loft and enjoyed Christmas in the city. New Years day we hiked the “back forty” surrounding our custom built cabin on Whidbey island and took the ferry to go to the movies. Last week we settled into a very tiny no-frills house within walking distance to all of the art, culture, food and drink that Ashland has to offer. We’ve thrilled to glorious snow-capped mountain views, driven through rain, sleet, ice and snow, made good use of the Washington State Ferry System, become best-buds with five fabulous kitties and two lovable dogs. We’ve slept in big beds, small beds, hard beds, soft beds…just call me Goldilocks.  But I haven’t seen any bears. Yet. DottieinLangley Ferryatnight PMmountainview tacomanarrowsbridge

All this adventure and we’re still in Oregon. This was definitely not the plan. We thought we would be soaking up the sun in Arizona by now. Sometimes you make the plan and sometime the plan reveals itself as you go. For once, we’ve been smart enough to go with the flow and let the plan unfold as it will. Not so easy for a habitual planner, but I’m learning to (mostly) let it be.

So do we have a plan? Yes we do. And it’s quite simply this…to sample every damn chocolate in the house-sitting box. We think it’s a pretty good plan.

We’re in Ashland for almost three months which gives us time to experience living like we are locals. Hubs has found a gym and a trainer. Yea! I’ve signed up for yoga, tried a new hair dresser (that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped), settled in to a new afternoon tea place, met a lovely friend Dany who just moved up from California and plan to take a needle felting class at the fabulous Ashland Art Center this Friday. We’ve stocked the larder, located the liquor store and the wine shop and know our way around the food co-op. We’ve met the neighbors and been invited for cocktails. Not bad for the first week. Ashland is our current box of See’s and we’re hoping to sample every buttercream, truffle and nougat that this little town has to offer. Life is sweet!




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  1. Pleased to hear you are both enjoying your house-sitting adventures. It’s a lot of fun. Even the lucky-dip of where the house is located is an adventure. Here in Australia, opportunities are increasing beyond Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, I’ve just spent three months on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (two separate sits) enjoying the wonderful beaches up here. During the time I’ve been here I have rejected several other sits up here (due to needed to be in NSW for a few months) Any location is possible as long as you’re flexible and have good references – I’m very much looking forward to a few international sits. Cheers to many, many more adventures for all of us in the future. Happy Travels!

  2. Some people have been known to take a bite of each chocolate and put them back in the box if they weren’t quite good enough. Not your style! Glad you are savoring every type of chocolate there is. Life sounds very sweet indeed! Travel well, my friend!

    • Ha Ha Kirsten. There was a time when I would poke my fingernail into the back of a chocolate to see what the center was and then put it back if I didn’t want it. My sister will verify that. Not every chocolate is to your liking but a tiny taste never hurt. Enjoy your class this weekend!

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Home Free ~ Bloom Where You’re Planted

It’s been a month since we packed up the old SUV and drove off into the future.

So far.  So good.

We definitely planned an easy take-off by staying on the west coast through the winter.  And when we see the nightly weather reports, we are very glad we decided to play it safe and not make a long cross country drive right now. We’re in no hurry. We’re old. And as it turns out, much more cautious than we used to be. We’re still in training and figuring out this new lifestyle one day at a time.

Even though we are back in Portland for a few weeks and know our way around the New Seasons market and where the best restaurants are, it is definitely not “home” as we knew it.  What we’re learning to do is put down very tiny roots wherever we are.

It sounds easy…and sometimes it is.

Other times, not so much.

Each new place we land, things feel slightly different. Some crazy people put their silverware in the wrong drawer. The recycle has to be dragged down the street to the corner. In the rain. The TV remote is new and we’re too un-techy to get anything beyond basic cable. The bed is kinda hard and I need my memory foam. Nobody can find the broom. Blah, blah, blah. We allow ourselves a momentary WHINE. Then we look at each other and laugh. Because it is NOT our house and therefore NOT our problem. As long as we have silverware, who cares what drawer its in? It’s time to roll up our sleeves, let ourselves settle in and figure out how to make it all good. Change your attitude. Change your reality. Or something like that.

It turns out that once we’re done sorting through everything that is different, there is much that is the same and most of the time, it all works just like we want it to.

We unpack our bags and begin to work out a routine. I set up my office. Les looks for a local gym. We get the lay of the land. And most important of all, we open up our own box of small comforts that will make this house our new (temporary) home. There is magic in this box! We each have our beloved coffee and tea mugs. I have a both red and a white wine glass. Hubs has three of his favorite knives. I have my mini whisk, my cheese spreader and the world’s best veggie peeler. You get the point. There is even flashlight and a deck of cards in case the TV doesn’t work at all. And, yes, I have my holy crap tiara as well.  It’s the little things that make us feel like we’re home.

Home on the road

Home on the road


Wherever home is.

Here’s where home will be for the next several months – Southwest Portland in a lovely large house with a sweet 18 year old kitty. Downtown Portland in the trendy Pearl District in a high rise condo with a new kitty we’ve yet to meet. A custom built log home in the woods on Whidbey Island in Washington with two lap-loving doggies. And finally, a small house in beautiful Ashland, OR with brother and sister kitties will take us through March.  Not too shabby for a couple of old beginners! And the good news is that we are learning how to put down very tiny roots at each stop we make.  Bloom where you’re planted are our new words to live by.

A comfy couch, a warm blanket and a kitty.  Feels like home!

A comfy couch, a warm blanket and a kitty. Feels like home!

We’re counting our blessings! One home, one pet, one new location at a time.

See you on the road.


Nancy, Les and Tika our kitty of the moment.

If you need house sitters or know someone who might, please check us out at




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  1. Really proud of you two road warriors. Glad you’re adjusting to livin’ large out of your backpacks, rollies and SUV.

  2. Bloom where you’re planted is a good way to look at life whether you’re on the road like you guys or more stationary. I laughed when I read about crazy people putting cutlery in the wrong drawers. Although I have not house-sat, I’ve lived several months in vacation rentals as a snowbird. I mostly resisted the urge to completely re-arrange where things were in the kitchen cupboards. I could also related to a number of other things in this post. It will be a great adventure for you. Enjoy.

    • We’re all on an adventure of some kind Donna. And I’m glad we’re still learning new ways to look at Life. Happy trails to you!

    • Thanks Peggy. Are you guys in Mexico now? It seems like all us “oldies” are off on new adventures. I love it!

  3. Hi Nancy and Les,
    Happy New Year to you both. Am trying to line up some contacts for you as we speak. Planning a 2-3 week trip to Porto in May. Will keep you apprised if I find any house sitting ops there! May see you in Ashland when you are there as it is on my route to family and friends.

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Two More Geezers Hit the Open Road

We’ve finally done it!

On November 6, 2015 at exactly 12:39 p.m., two more crazy geezers (that’s us) hit the open road with not much more than our backpacks and rollie-bags. Other than a few boxes temporarily stored with a friend (Thank you!), everything we own now fits snugly in the back of our mid-size SUV.


Welcome back…

This blog has been dark the past few months for a couple of reasons. Some might call them excuses, but, whatever…

I started Just a Backpack with the intention of sharing my experiences and all the information I was gathering as hubs and I began our journey of downsizing and exploring some very cool and unusual options for a new lifestyle in retirement. One that involved living on MUCH less money yet still finding ways to travel, eat well, drink good wine, savor the magic in everyday moments and conjure up as many adventures as possible in whatever time we have left. Diligently I searched the internet and talked to those who were blazing the trail ahead of us. We began testing the water, one shaky toe at a time.

Much of this journey I shared here on the blog. I heard from folks all over the world who read my posts and were inspired to take action of their own. Many of these readers were now living the life I was planning and here I sat. Still planning. Still writing about planning. Not feeling like I was brave enough to take the leap of faith.

There were also family plans and responsibilities that I definitely wanted and needed to be available for. So I waited. For the Perfect Moment. There was always a good reason to wait. But, truth be told, good reasons are often just fear in a fancy dress.

So, to paraphrase an old saying “Them that do, get to doing it and them that don’t…keep on blogging about doing it”. Put up or shut up. So…I decided to shut up for a while.

Of course, anyone who knows me, knows that you cannot shut me up for too long.  So many fabulous things have happened while I was gone from the blogosphere that it feels like the perfect time to fire up the laptop again as we hit the road to see where this journey takes us.  I hope you will come along for the adventure.

A very casual “what if” conversation between hubs and I while riding the train from Seattle to Portland set so many wheels in motion it made my head spin. Watch out what you wish for! In 90 days we listed our house. Got it ready to sell. Had 8 offers, 3 escrows (and a partridge in a pear tree). Sold or gave away everything we owned. Took too many trips to the Goodwill to count. Filled 2 Am Vets trucks with donations. Launched one under the cover of darkness stealth car load drop-off in a friend’s apartment complex dumpster and hosted our first Sip, Savor & Sale goodbye party. They came, they sipped and they BOUGHT!  Whew!  Just writing that poops me out!

I’ve finally figured out how to set a new course without pulling the plug on my safety net until I am ready. It turns out I need that safety net firmly in place to take a leap of faith. I am okay with that. It also turns out that Mr. If it doesn’t fit in a backpack and rollie, we don’t need it.” had a very hard time letting go of his stuff. Stuff like old t-shirts from 1980, five fishing rods, hip wading boots, tools and stuff I’m sure I don’t even know about. Hub’s backpack and rollie is currently 2 rollies, two backpacks, a very large canvas duffle-bag and other various carry bags and boxes. Obviously, we both have work to do.


On the other hand, I managed to create an office-on-the-road with my two laptops, one plastic file box, a desk drawer in a small handle carry plastic box and a lightweight lapboard as my desk top. So far, it’s all working just fine.  It’s all about organization. Not generally my strong suit.  Another growth opportunity!

Hubs and I are house and pet sitting in the Pacific Northwest through the New Year and hope to head south to sunshine and warmer temps for January and February and then sometime in the spring (after the snow and before tornadoes) we’re going to head east across old Route 66 to check out the middle south.  Along the way, we will be looking for a comfortable place to set down new roots and a launching pad for future travels.

Stay tuned!


P.S.  If you know of anyone who is in need of excellent house sitting services please send them our way.  Our house sitting website is GlobalHouseSittingPros. We’re also listed with Trusted Housesitters, House Carers and HousesittersAmerica.




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  1. Nancy! You and Les are true inspirations to us all. I sit writing this under the glow of your two fabulous lamps I bought at your party. You can visit them any time. Thank you for keeping the blog alive…..and the lamps! Best of luck to both of you. Am spreading the word as we speak.

    • Thank you Eve! Let’s have a happy hour meet up when I get back to Portland next week. When are you heading south?

  2. Congrats, Nancy! And I think we all blog about planning. I’m actually planning on concluding Journey to Ithaca with a video of us sailing over the horizon. I’ve waffled on the song, but you’ve given me a new idea:

    • Bethany, I LOVE the song! I hope to read your blog post about sailing over the horizon. You are living the good life right now and I enjoy reading about your adventures in parenting the boat life.

  3. Nancy, as I said many times you are a great writer, I’m so happy for you guys! I knew you would do this when the time was right for you. I’m looking forward to following your adventures! Robbie

    • Thanks Cheryle. I am shooting for once a week. If you want to, please sign up on the blog and new updates will be delivered right to your in box. Your brother says hi! He is watching MASH on TV. Some things in live never change no matter where you are. :)

  4. You guys made the dream real with careful planning and a leap of faith. So incredibly proud of you, dear friend! Enjoy the adventure of this freedom and keep us all posted!

  5. I can relate to a lot of your experience having gone through a major downsizing last year. We however did not downsize to the level you did and still have a home base with probably too much stuff. Good luck at your adventure. I look forward to reading about it.

    • Hey Thanks Lea. I am so enjoying your photos of NYC. Who knew life was so full of adventure for the middle-agers (or late agers – us).

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Housesitting 103 ~ Get a Backgound Check

Experienced house sitters have told us it is a very good idea to get a background check.  A quick visit to your local police station will earn you a document that says you have never done anything illegal in your home town.  I’m not so sure that would sway my decision to invite a stranger into my home, but apparently it helps.

Since hubs and I plan to take our house sitting adventure to other countries, we thought we should go full banana and get the FBI verified check.  Go big or go home!

So, last October we took a little noon-time field trip to meet up with the roving fingerprint lady.  She sets up in the hallway at various local courthouses and does a booming business inking and pressing fingertips into tiny squares.  Twenty bucks apiece and a few minutes of our time and we’d be out the door and on to a lovely lunch.

Or so we thought.  The indignities of growing old seem to pop up when you least expect them.  Who know that old fingers are DRY fingers and if you have DRY fingers, the cheerful fingerprinting lady cannot get a usable print.  Ink.  Press. Check.  Nope.  Ink. Press. Check. Nope.  I was up first and it was becoming somewhat embarrassing as I was holding up an ever-growing line of 20-somethings who were there on their work breaks hoping to pop in and out in ten minutes.  Well that was definitely not going to happen. Because the old people with the dried up fingers are on re-take number TWENTY!  Finally, all 8 fingers and my two decrepit thumb prints passed muster and she moved on to hubs.  I have to be honest here and say that even though I felt bad for the long line of folks waiting for us to be done with it, I was not unhappy that his fingers were as blurred by time as mine.  The friendly fingerprint lady finally dosed him up with some kind of very thick hand grease and voila! we were outta there.  Cheers were heard from the back of the line.

All we had to do next was fill out the simple one page form, attach our perfectly inked prints, toss in a check for $36 (for two – quite a bargain) and mail everything off to the FBI office in Maryland.   And wait.

And wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

The form clearly stated that with the current backlog, we should not expect anything back for 21 days but to not even think about calling them for 4-6 weeks.

So we waited and then waited again.

I was beginning to worry.  What if our paperwork had somehow gotten lost and our hard-won fingerprints had to be taken all over again?  Do not make me go there.

Finally, last Tuesday, about 4 1/2 months after we started this process, a lovely brown envelope from The Department of Justice arrived in the mail.  I’d passed FBI scrutiny and now had a very nondescript piece of paper to prove it.  And my fingerprints had not been rejected – which really was my biggest concern.


What about hubs?  He’s still waiting.  I keep asking if there is anything he wants to confess, but he swears he’s clean.

So far, we have not been asked for a police/security background check for any of the house sits we have applied for or gotten, but I am confident that having them will add to our resume and profile.  Proof that we are always willing to go the extra mile.

The other benefit that came out of this experience?  I am now diligent very about hand cream!

We are actively seeking house sits for Summer/Fall in the western US and Canada.  If you know anyone who would benefit from our services, please send them over to our website Global Housesitting Pros.  Thanks for helping us spread the word.




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  1. We also have a police check available for prospective homeowners, Nancy, and have provided it when requested. Often, just stating we have one is enough for some folks. It indicates we’re professional, who we say are, AND trustworthy people. Happy housesitting!

    • Hello Dianne, It is wonderful to hear from a fellow house-sitter. You and your husband are ahead of us on this great journey and I am sure I could learn a great deal from you! I see on your website that you have quite a number of sits already lined up. What is your favorite site for finding great sits? Happy travels. Nancy

  2. Hi there Nancy,

    Just curious about the FBI check, does that cover the entire world or just the USA? We have lived in a few countries for over a year and last time we needed a police clearance we had to get one from each country and then translate them into English. Plus they are only valid for a year!!

    Hence we have not had one done recently.

    • Thanks for the comment John. I am not convinced of the full value of having a police/security check. The FBI check covers all of the USA which seems better than a local police check but still only covers so much. I think that the fact that a person is willing to go through the process at least makes them seem “secure”. I would definitely not do anything beyond what we have and would probably renew every 3-5 years as needed. So far, no one has actually asked to see this hard won document.

  3. Wow – you were both brave to sell everything and decided to travel the world! How is this going now? I am eager to find out how this decision panned out for you guys.

    • We are still in the process but hope to fully launch by the end of the year. In the meantime, we’ve been testing the waters through house-siting and home exchange. We have had wonderful experiences so far checking out possible retirement locations and meeting so many interesting and fun new people along the way. Thanks for checking in on us.

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House Sitting 101

Notes from the House Sitting 101 file ~ Learning the ropes and getting ready to take off the training wheels.


Spectacular view from our house-sit high on a bluff above the Colombia River. It changed hourly.

Greetings from high on a bluff over-looking the mighty Columbia River just outside of the (very) tiny town of Kalama Washington.  Hubs and I are on day 9 of a 10 day house sit with Daphne the wonder dog.  She is well loved, well fed and has more toys than most 2 year old kids I know.  Daphne is a cutie and smart as a whip.  She had us trained in no time.

Daphne the wonder dog

Daphne the wonder dog

What the hell are we doing living in a strange house with someone else’s dog in the middle of nowhere?   Good question!  We’re in training.  Last Fall I set a goal to build our resume and our experience by signing on for as many house sits as we could within driving distance of our home.  My vision was to house sit the west coast from Canada to Mexico.  We’ve applied for 6 or 8 and so far we’ve pretty much been the runner-up not the winner.  I honestly had no idea how competitive house sitting is.  For every sitting opportunity there are anywhere from a dozen to 40+ applicants – from single 20-somethings who work remotely and travel the world to retired and semi-retired geezers like hubs and I.   Even a few families.  Apparently the competition wasn’t so tough for Kalama.  Actually, they called us.  We did not apply for this sit.  But after meeting with the nice folks who are Daphne’s humans, we knew it was a good fit and a great place to start.  So here we are.

Nancy and Daphne watching the evening news

Nancy and Daphne watching the evening news

Kalama is not anyone’s idea of a picturesque town.  It’s a run-down port town of about 2500 citizens located 35 miles north of Portland.  If it ever had glory days, they are long since faded.  We are staying out of town way up a windy road in a lovely custom built house with a gorgeous view.  But to tell you the truth, for a city girl like me, it’s more than a little lonely at the top.  And you can only count the trees and the birds and the squirrels for so long before cabin fever sets in and it’s time to come down from the mountain.  Which hubs and I do every day at 11:30 for lunch, a walk and some on-foot exploration.  We’ve covered every inch of Kalama (20 minutes), walked for miles along the river, taken our own walking tour of historic downtown Longview, discovered a couple of decent restaurants (and a whole bunch that were a little scary).   The weather has been in our favor and one day we strolled the 4 mile perimeter of Lake Sacawajea.  It was gorgeous.  We also drove back into Portland to hit up the Farmers Market and Vancouver for a Volkswalk.

Lake Sacajawea in full blossom.  Perfect day for a picnic and a long walk.

Lake Sacajawea in full blossom. Perfect day for a picnic and a long walk.

A few hours in civilization and we’re good to head back up the mountain again.  Daphne is always happy to see us return.  It is amazing how easy it is to settle comfortably into someone else’s space.  We knew this from home exchange, but still our ability to do this was one of the things I wanted to make very sure about before we up-rooted out lives for the road.

My plan is to test the waters, learn as much as we can from each experience and build up our reference bank account.   We haven’t lived with dogs for quite a few years so it was good to know that we’ve still got the touch.  We also learned that even though a rustic house sit in the remote French countryside looks inviting, unless its a week or less, it might not be right for us.  Score two on the things we learned meter.

So, tomorrow we will make sure the house is clean, the bird feeder is full, the plants are watered and the beds are freshly made.  We’ll feed Daphne her dinner and then we will load ourselves into our car and head for home.  Mr. Ricky is waiting.  He had a wonderful house/pet sitter staying with him while we were gone but I know he will be as happy to see us as Daphne will be to see her real people (not the stand-in servants).

While this was definitely not the exotic house sitting adventure we have been dreaming of and planning for, it was a great experience and we’re glad for the opportunity.  Now when we’re driving 70mph up I-5 to Seattle or Port Townsend and we see the signs for Woodland, Kalama, Kelso and Longview, we won’t wonder if we should stop to check them out.  Been there.  Done that.  Keep on driving!

Next up… house sitting in Mexico for 8 (OMG!) cats for a month.  We are definitely open for more west coast house sitting opportunities.  We’ll be available again starting in June.  We’d love to spend a few weeks in Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria area, Phoenix, or San Francisco so if you know anyone invite them to check out our website Global Housesit Pros.

See you on the road.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I drop in and read your posts from time to time. This was a good read just before bed! Best to you and hubs in Mexico with all those cats.

  2. Sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress with “the plan” since I first found your blog. If we didn’t have a dog, I’d probably pay people to let me stay with their dog (s). Where will you be in Mexico?

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Superbowl – It’s not all fun and games

It’s the Superbowl calling!  Come to Phoenix for a week.  It will be fun!

I’ve made it a practice to say a hearty Yes! when an opportunity for adventure knocks.  And when my friend Sallie knocks I know that fun and adventure will always follow and whatever I say yes to will stretch me in some new way.

Vendors were hawking high-priced Superbowl gear everywhere - even in our hotel lobby.

Vendors were hawking high-priced Superbowl gear everywhere – even in our hotel lobby.

Well, a couple of months ago Sallie called and asked me to work for her at the Superbowl It was definitely an adventure and I was truly stretched.  And stretched and then stretched just a little more.  I was 66 when I flew from Portland to Phoenix and felt closer to 106 when I returned home eight days later.

It has been several years since I have felt the near constant pressure of putting on back-to-back high level events.  I was definitely rusty and out of shape.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was up to the task.  I was terrified of failing in a huge way like leaving a VVIP stranded at the airport, or at the golf course or dinner.  I worried about giving wrong directions to one of the many vehicles we had moving about town or sending a bus loaded with special guests on a merry trip to nowhere when they were supposed to be at Taste of the NFL.  (That almost happened).

I had been dubbed Transportation Czar for the week.  And it was a test of my ability to step up and Get ‘R Done.  I think I rose to the moment.  I hope I did.  I worked 18 hour days/nights and let me just say I felt every one of my years.  My brain always seemed to be a beat or two behind.  I hung in.  I bucked up.  I made it work.  And in a very strange way, I was proud that I still had it.  Even if “it” was a little slower and sometimes had a short fuse.

Thank you Sallie for inviting me to join you in another great adventure!  I can’t honestly say it was fun.  But it was a great opportunity to stretch and it certainly gave my aging brain cells a workout they haven’t had in a long time.  A few probably fell out, but I think we blew off a whole bunch of gathering cobwebs as well.


Getting ready to watch the game in the hotel lobby bar with a group of cheering strangers was actually fun.

When I told hubs I was going to Phoenix for the Superbowl, his eyes lit up.  “Can you get me a ticket?” he asked hopefully.  “No chance in hell.” I replied.  When I told him that the closest I would get to the game was sitting in a shuttle bus in the parking lot, he felt much better.  He even smilled!  He and Mr. Ricky had a great time at home without me.  And he got to watch his favorite team pull off an amazing win – all in the comfort of his recliner chair with a beer and a bag of cheese puffs.


Home again! Feet firmly planted on our beloved carpet at PDX.

Life is good!  And as hubs is famous for saying, “Just keep saying yes until you have a reason to say no.”   Yes is where adventure lives.

Go Hawks!




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Top Baby Boomer Travel Blog 2015 Awards

And the winners are… pause for breath-holding… pause for envelope opening …

Well, actually there are 20 winners.  But I am beyond excited to be named one of FlipKey’s Top Baby Boomer Travel Blogs to follow in 2015.  There are some well-seasoned travelers and heavy-hitter bloggers in the mix.  And now me and Just a Backpack and a Rollie.

I’ll take it!

And hubs and I will keep on dragging our backpacks and rollies and sharing our adventures with you throughout 2015.  I’ve been busy applying for house sitting gigs all along the west coast from Canada to Mexico.  And we have some very interesting gigs in the works.

So please click on through to the wonderful post on the FlipKey blog and check out our fellow boomer travel bloggers.  They are all truly an inspiration to me.

And here is our little Award.  She’s not a gold statue, but I think she’s pretty cute.

4 thoughts on “Top Baby Boomer Travel Blog 2015 Awards

  1. ah Nancy I am not really surprised, I for one love your blogs…just the right amount of info and light heartedness,, ,congrats!!!!!

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Chicken Dance ~

Surely I’m not the only crazy old fool who still loves to do the chicken dance.  I’ve flapped my arms and clapped my hands to this catchy tune at kid’s birthday parties and fancy dress wedding receptions.  It’s always a crowd-pleaser.

Why is it called the chicken dance?  Well, now that I have a couple of chicken wrangling experiences under my belt, I’m here to tell you that chickens really do dance.

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  But, when it comes to chicken wrangling, I say grab your cell phone and shoot some video.  How cute are these ladies?


Thanks Vicki for sharing your girls with me and teaching me the ropes of chicken wrangling 101.

Hubs and I are actively seeking short term house sits on the west coast (California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia).  If you hear of anything, please let me know.  Or you can direct them to our new site Global House Sitting Pros.

Stay tuned for more house sitting adventures.



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Labor & Delivery ~ hatching a retirement plan

Hatching a retirement plan isn’t always quick or easy. It’s been germinating for weeks, months, heck, probably the better part of two years…

As many of you know, the whole idea for Just a Backpack and a Rollie started (somewhat as a lark) in response to hubs’ daily happy hour comment “Let’s become citizens of the world…it if doesn’t fit in the backpack and rollie, then we probably don’t need it.”  You can check out that very first post here.


I thought he’d gone over the edge.  He was newly retired and I was still firmly tethered to the corporate world and all it’s trappings (read that as security with a capital S).  Truth be told, he had no idea in hell how this new plan might happen.  But he sure liked saying the words.  No amount of logic on my part seemed to deter him.  When they say that opposites attract, they are talking about hubs and I.  He tosses them out there…I feel compelled to catch them and then figure out how to make them come to life.  I’ve spent a lot of time exploring all of the options and opportunities available to free-spirited retirees looking for travel and adventure on the cheap.  The possibilities are endless, but for us (at least for now) it kept coming back to house sitting.  Well, okay then…let’s do it!  Get the ducks lined up and get the hell outta Dodge while we’ve still got enough get-up to go.

And TADA! at 3:45pm Pacific Standard Time on November 1st, a new life was born!

World meet Global HouseSitting Pros - our new website/blog.

Creating the Global HouseSitting Pros site has been a labor of love, a huge learning adventure (now I can add website developer to my CV), and a giant leap forward for hubs and I as we inch closer toward our retirement dream.  I haven’t cut the corporate tie quite yet, (sorry, I’m the logical one) but since I can work from any location with a good wifi connection and cell reception, we’re going to start by setting up several house sits on the west coast – anywhere from British Columbia, Canada to Baja, Mexico.

We will keep you posted – hopefully with postcards from the road.




9 thoughts on “Labor & Delivery ~ hatching a retirement plan

  1. This is wonderful, Nancy! I’m the one like Les – throwing ideas out there and hoping one or another gets caught… so far, not “batting a thousand” as they say!

    I wish you much luck on your fabulous new endeavour and should I hear of anyone searching for your skills… I will definitely direct them to you!

    • Thanks Dale, we’re going for it and if it doesn’t work, we’ll re-group and try something else. At our age (Les and I) it’s a little harder than if we had done this at 20-something but better late than never, eh?

  2. Nice job with the website Nancy it looks very professional. You really are something special. I hope people will see that in your website. Good luck. Evans

    • Thanks Evans. It is all (including the new website) a work in progress but I’m putting it out to the Universe to help make it real.

  3. Congratulations! We just recently retired and as we drove across country I created a 10-step program for retirement. We had a lot of time to think while on the road! :) I saw your photo from the Camino. We are gearing up to take our 500-mile walk in April/May of 2015! Safe travels ~

    • Thanks Patti. Did you put your 10 step program on your blog? I’m always learning! Buen Camino! You picked an excellent time for it – not too hot.

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Les & Nancy Global House Sit Pros ~ check out our new profile!

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao and Hej!

We are Les and Nancy aka the kitty whisperer (Les) and the chicken wrangler (Nancy).

Les & Nancy on the camino de santiago

Walking the Camino de Santiago


We clean up pretty well too.


For the past 30+ years we have enjoyed rewarding and successful corporate careers, Les as an electrical engineer turned sales ninja and Nancy as an award-winning corporate meeting, event and travel manager. We’re retiring from the corporate life to focus on our new career as full time global house sitters.

Why House Sitting?

As long time homeowners with beloved pets of our own, we were delighted to find trusted house and pet sitters who cared for our furry family members, our house and our plants with such enthusiasm, respect and considerate care that we (finally!) felt free to go off on a vacation without worrying if a pipe might break or the plants turned brown. On top of that, our kitty (currently Mr. Ricky) could enjoy the comfort of his own home and a friendly snuggle or two.

Win. Win. Win.

It’s not always easy allowing strangers into your home, we know that. But, we also know from experience that once you make that right connection, communicate expectations clearly and develop a level of trust – house sitting will change your life. Whether you are the home owner or the house sitter.

We want to pay it forward and that’s why we started house sitting earlier this year.

Why Choose Us?

~ We are committed to being the absolute best house and pet sitters you will ever have.

~ We have an abundance of life, professional and travel experience and we’re very comfortable and adaptable in new surroundings and cultures.

~ We will confidently handle most emergencies with calm, quick-thinking action. If we can’t handle it ourselves, we’ll know who to call. That’s where our management and leadership experiences come in handy!

~ We will be respectful of your home, your possessions and your privacy. We’re homeowners ourselves and will treat yours as if it were our own.

~ We are excellent communicators. We will keep you updated as often as you like so you know everything is in good hands. We love to send photo updates!

~ We love animals of all kinds (sorry not snakes) and have shared our home with dogs, cats, hamsters, white mice, tropical fish. We’ve also learned the fine (and very fun!) art of chicken keeping through several house sits and home exchanges.

~ We’re fun, friendly, detailed oriented retirees with a zest for life, curious minds and and energetic healthy bodies. We welcome the opportunity to get our hands dirty in your garden, take long walks with your pups and keep your house in tip-top condition.

Our Skills and Experience – here’s why we are such a great team ~

Les was Director of New Business Development for a large exposition and trade show company for many years. He worked with clients from around the world to understand their specific needs and deliver their expectations on time, on budget and make it look easy. This required outstanding listening skills, the ability to communicate ideas and manage large, complicated projects. He has also been the president of our home owners association for the past five years leading our town home community through a major construction project. His vision and ability to lead both the board and the multiple contractors was key to the success of this project.

Skills Les brings ~
• handy/Mr. Fix-it
•enjoys puttering in the garden
•chief trash carrier and mail retriever
•good with a vacuum and a mop
•manager of home security
•family chef
•pooper scooper
•kitty cuddler
•extremely organized

Nancy is currently the Manager of Corporate Travel for a multi-national corporation. She leads a team that supports over 1500 corporate travelers, developing travel policy, negotiating hotel and airline agreements while ensuring the security and safety of every employee while on the road. Prior to becoming travel manager, Nancy managed corporate meetings and events. Her creative vision, team building and leadership skills combined with a focused attention to detail were crucial to her award-winning success in this arena. Nancy is also a published author with essays in two books on retirement. She blogs about retirement, travel and living the good life at

Skills Nancy brings ~
•communication expert
•loves to garden and has a green thumb
•lead dog walker (Les always seems to tag along) and ball tosser
•keeper of schedules, lists and all other very important details
•chief bottle washer and laundry detail
•chicken wrangler, egg gather and coop scooper
•experienced with giving pet meds and care of aging pets

As a Team we ~

•believe that taking good care of your home is our most important responsibility
•are honest and reliable with local and state background checks
•work well together and with others
•appreciate the importance of maintaining a clean, well-maintained home and garden
•share house sitting responsibilities based on our individual skills and interests
•are grateful for the opportunity to travel and the wonderful new experiences that house sitting around the globe provides.

We are non-smokers who enjoy a great glass of wine and all kinds of food, we have excellent references, a strong sense of adventure and a can-do attitude.  We’re working hard to become the house sitters we’d want to hire!

If you are looking for a fantastic house sitting duo to care for your home and furry family members so you can relax and focus on your time away, please contact us.

A few of our furry and feathered friends stopped by to say Hi! and give us their stamp of approval. Pups on parade

This is the beginning of our new profile which will soon appear on our Global House Sit Pros website (in the works), and several house sitting referral sites including Trusted House Sitters. Housesit Match and Nomador.

I’d love your feedback on our “resume” and if you know anyone on the west coast (U.S. or Canada) who is looking for good house sitters, please let them know about us.  We’d love to connect with them.

This is getting really exciting!



4 thoughts on “Les & Nancy Global House Sit Pros ~ check out our new profile!

  1. Nancy – this is such a great resume of you and Les. Both your loving, humorous and hearty nature for life shines through. I get a great sense of both you. Your leadership and experiences make you wonderful choices for house sitting. Congratulations and enjoy your adventures! I look forward to reading about them on your blog.

    • Thank you Kirsten! A couple of people said that it was too long and nobody cared about our corporate experience but I have to say that while it may be “overkill” a bit, I think right now it is relevant for people to know we are successful professionals from the corporate world who want to translate that same level of energy, creative thinking, attention to detail and professionalism into the world of house sitting. I’m sure I will be tweaking it as we go.

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