8 Miles + 10 Waterfalls ~

I have sore calf muscles today and I am grateful.  Oregon is at 57% of it’s normal rainfall for the year and I am grateful.  My husband and I have become a couple of crazy old walking fools…and I am very grateful. waterfulluse1st

This past Saturday another beautiful Spring day called us to put on our walking shoes and head outdoors.   We decided to explore the Trail of Ten Falls in Silver Springs State Park.  How could this absolutely amazing showcase of nature’s splendor be less than 50 miles from my home and I had never even thought to visit?   I’m not sure, but I can tell you that won’t happen again.

Hubs about to walk behind 177 feet of roaring water at South Falls

Hubs about to walk behind 177 feet of roaring water at South Falls

According to the trail map and park guide, Silver Falls is Oregon’s largest state park.  It is over 9,000 acres with ten magnificent waterfalls, a temperate rain forest of Douglas fir and western hemlock trees, meadows, creeks and a vast array of plants and wildlife.  There are more than 25 miles of multi-use trails including the 8 mile Trail of Ten Falls that we hiked.

How cool is this?

How cool is this?

waterfallnancy I even let hubs have the camera.  Yes, I am wearing my backpack.  I’m trying to get used to it for our Camino walk in September.

And, with us there is always food involved.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at O’Briens Cafe in the quaint little town of Silverton.   I believe it was Napoleon who said “an army marches on it’s belly” and I couldn’t agree more.

It was too early for the wine bar so we settled on breakfast here.

It was too early for the wine bar so we settled on breakfast here.

We’re looking for new places to walk and explore.  Where should we go next weekend?

See you on the road.



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10 thoughts on “8 Miles + 10 Waterfalls ~

    • Thanks Maria. My little point and shoot camera didn’t do it justice. It was absolutely breath-taking. I am trying to resize my photos so they are smaller for blog posts but I am finding I’m losing quality in some cases. What is your secret for all of your great photos? Besides a great camera and the fact that you are an experienced photographer of course!

    • Thanks Margaret. By the way, do you have any suggestions for home exchanges if you have a cat? Mr. Ricky seems to be a stumbling block. Just curious as I know you have had many successful exchanges. Thanks!

    • Heather, You can camp there or stay in some cute rustic type cabins as well. Probably during the week or book far in advance. Loved it. A cute wine bar in Silverton with a deck over the river out back that I want to go back and visit again.

  1. I see you’re going to do the Camino? We did it two years ago and had the best time of our lives. The only thing we did wrong (well, the only major thing we did wrong) was carry too much to start. Be very careful about weight. Everyone throws stuff away as they go.

    • Thanks Tom. I’ve heard about the weight. I’m practicing wearing the two same outfits over and over and over and not care. That may be more difficult than actually walking. Glad you stopped by. Love all of the info from your many travel adventures. Nancy

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