Walking the Camino de Santiago ~ unexpected challenges

caminodesantiagoMarlyTours2 “Few people know how to take a walk.  The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, and eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much…”     Ralph Waldo Emerson

My heel hurts!

It started a week ago.  Of course it did.  Because, in exactly one week, hubs and I will be starting the first day of our Camino de Santiago walk.  We’ve been walking pretty much every day since last May.  Some days only a couple of miles (3 times around the mall if its raining) and on weekends longer, hillier, harder walks that topped out at 12.5 miles.  Hubs overcame a toe problem and a back problem and he’s fine.  Me.  I had nothing – until now. 

Really though, we both feel great!  Strong, healthy and ready to go.

Except for the heel.  What the heck?!  I’ve been resting it this week and doing a lot of stretching because I’ve self diagnosed it (I do have some experience here) as  plantar fascitis.  Beyond that, there is really nothing I can do at this point.  It’s out of my control.

Except to trust.   And do the best I can.  And…wait for it… know that it’s okay if I have to ride in the sag wagon.  But I won’t.  I’ll make hubs carry me.

One of the priorities of the Camino is finding your own rhythm.  It’s been said that “We don’t do the Camino we want to do, we do the Camino we are able to do.”  A lot like Life.

I don’t know how my heel’s going to react to the long daily walks, but here’s what I do know for sure.  This walk is not about how I do it or how long it takes or how fast I finish.  It is all about marking a milestone moment in my life and I intend to savor every minute, including the pain if there is any.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the twinges in my heel are reminding me to slow down.  Pay attention.  Be fully present on this journey.  And trust that it will be perfect and just the way it was meant to be.

One step at a time, I’m ready to walk my Camino.

If you are a walker or runner, here’s some great information about the care and feeding of feet I found on the WOW (Wonders of Walking) website.

See you on the road.




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10 thoughts on “Walking the Camino de Santiago ~ unexpected challenges

  1. Your adrenaline and excitement will help you power through (along with some ibuprofen). Happy hiking and a very Happy Birthday!

    • Hi Peggy! How fun to see your name pop up here. I think you are right on…just the adventure and excitement and the other people on the road will carry me along. It will all be fine. Hope you are well. Are you and your husband still thinking about retiring to Mexico?

  2. Nancy, I admire your persistence & great attitude! Always looking for the lesson! You will have a fabulous walk I know! I am looking forward to your Camino! 🙂

    • Thanks Char! I am always looking for the lesson as well. It’s always there too. We will have a great adventure no matter what. It will start with trying to find Dawn at the Madrid airport and no cell phones.

  3. Epsom salt soaks in warm water….it’s worked for Lucy (the chicken) it’ll work for you. Take it from Vicki-the-vet. Chicken whisperer. :-D.

    • Hey Vicki, Thanks for the suggestion. I will soak tonight and maybe bring some with me on the walk. Great idea from the Chicken Whisperer. That moniker is going to stick you know.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, belated. will be looking for more photos of your camino walk to Campostella…you’re inspiring me to follow my longtime dream. Godspeed!

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