Female Nomads ~ retired women are taking to the open road

My friend Lois is a nomad.  She’s also single and pretty much retired.  Lois doesn’t have a huge income or the security of a well-stocked trust fund.  And yet, Lois has one of the richest, fullest lives of anyone I know.  This delightful, spirited woman lives in a 10 foot 1965 vintage Aloha trailer that she pulls with her aging Mercury Montero.  Freedom?  Oh my! She’s got that in spades.  A couple of weeks ago, Lois waved goodbye to Portland’s rainy winters and headed south with “Li’l Homey”.   She shares her travels and nomad lifestyle on her blog Playing a New Game.  Thank you Lois for  inspiring the gypsy hiding in me.Lil Homey

These days more and more senior single women are taking up life on the road.  They are firing up the RV or hitching up the trailer to explore the highways and back roads all across the country.  They are creating new communities and making friends as they go.  And, while there are are some very interesting challenges in this lifestyle, these gals are rising to the challenge and loving their new home on the road.

If you are feeling the call of the open road as a retirement option, check out these very informative links for more information and a some stories that are guaranteed to make you smile

Unlikely Nomads ~  the Christian Science Monitor

Happy End of the Road for RVers – Assisted Living on Wheels ~ AOL Real Estate

And, finally, if you are not sure the RV life is for you, perhaps you like to give it a try for a night or two in one of the beautiful vintage trailers at the Shady Dell Resort in Arizona or one of the eight cuties available in Bend, Oregon at Cowgirl Cabins.

Who’s in for a Wild Women’s Weekend this summer at Cowgirl Cabins?  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it.

See you on the road.


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6 thoughts on “Female Nomads ~ retired women are taking to the open road

  1. Wow, Nancy! Imagine my surprise when I opened up your latest blog post to find myself as one of your subjects! Wow! Thanks for the shout-out. Life is truly full of unexpected moments, isn’t it?! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hubs. Wishing you blue skies and the wind at your back – see you on the road!

    • Lois, I have really been inspired by your recent posts. I wish you a grand trip filled with many interesting adventures and new friends as well. Let’s catch up on your return to Oregon. You truly are a role model. Buen Camino!

  2. As a new, 1998 Roadtrek co-owner with my husband – I am inspired by the many women owning their own Roadtreks and traveling alone.

  3. Judy, any chance you would like to write a post sometime about your Roadtrek experience and why RVing is great in retirement? Just a thought.

  4. You seem to be hitting my travel fantasies with your recent posts—I have the RV fantasy and a house-sitting fantasy. Unfortunately, my husband shares neither and for the most part, I get to travel as a trailing spouse because of his job—so for now, I guess it will just have to be hotels, quaint B&B’s and cruise ships. (There is hope. When we were first married, he was very leery of the B&B idea. Now he prefers them.)

    • Suzanne, I’m the one not so sure on the RV tripping but I’m willing to give it a go and see what happens. We started with home exchange this year and my husband was very hesitant at first but after our first exchange which was a long weekend at the coast (about 2 hours from Portland) he was hooked. We’ll be keeping all options open as I start winding down for retirement myself. By the way, I think the trailing spouse idea is a great way to travel.

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