60 Things Every Woman Should Know By 60 ~

Well, in case you were wondering.  It was NOT my 64th birthday yesterday.  It seems the gremlins at WordPress spontaneously sent out an old post (August 2012).  I have no idea how or why this happened.  I apologize for any confusion, but I was thrilled to receive all the birthday wishes and the online card.  Thank you!  It made my day.

With age comes wisdom and experience.  Or so they say.

Wind-Up Granny

Wind-Up Granny

There’s a book titled 30 Things Every Woman Should Know How to Do by Age 30.   Well, that ship sailed a long time ago, but it got me thinking about all of the valuable knowledge and bits of useless information I’ve acquired over the past 60+ years.  So… I thought it would be fun to start a list of at least 60 Things We Should Know, Have or Have Done by the time we’ve reached the Magical Age of 60.

Let’s play together, shall we?  I’ll list the first 50 Things  and you add the rest in COMMENTS below.  Here goes… in random order because that’s how my brain works these days ~

1.  Own a passport

2.  Say No.  Mean it.  Not feel guilty

3.  Order your credit report and be able to understand it.

4.  Get over it and move on

5.  Change a flat tire

6.  Do your own taxes (even if you choose not to)

7.  Plunge a toilet or unclog a drain

8.  Find the breaker box and flip the switch

9.  Light a grill and cook something

10.  Take yourself out to dinner or a movie – alone

11.  Get around in a foreign country

12.  Program and operate the TV (I’ll probably die still trying to learn this)

13.  Mix a classic cocktail or even a modern one

14.  Laugh at yourself

14.  Take a compliment with ease and grace

15.  Look good in a photo

16.  Open a bottle of champagne

17.  Read a map.  Fold a map.

18.  Hail a cab

19.  Jump a car battery

20.  Paint a room

21.  Ask for a raise

22.  Tell at least one really good joke well.

23.  Beautifully wrap a present

24.  Make small talk with just about anyone.

25.  Know CPR

26.  Ask for what you want

27.  How to keep your information secure online

28.  Where to find the best deals

30.  Buy the right sized bra

31.  Think for yourself

32.  The art of self-defense

33.  Do a breast self-exam

34.  How to talk to your doctor

35.  Have a retirement strategy

36.   Book your own travel

37.  When to throw in the towel

38.  Put together at least one piece of “some assembly required” furniture

39.  Make peace with your mother and/or your daughter

40.  Who ya gonna call

41.  Have an emergency fund (grandma had one in the cookie jar)

42.  Say I Love You

43.  Be able to converse in more than one language – even if it’s just basic greetings

44.  Own a pair of kick-butt boots or slinky heels

45.  Make a fire

46.  Count your blessings

47.   Know your numbers – blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, pulse etc.

48.   Whip up a signature dish that’s not meatloaf or turkey

49.   Own your own hammer, screwdriver, pliers and tape measure and know how to use them.

50.  Say yes to opportunity when it comes knocking.











Okay – Now it’s YOUR turn.  Whatcha got?   Add one thing not on the list above that every woman should know, have or know how to do by the time she’s 60?  

How many can you check off this list?


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17 thoughts on “60 Things Every Woman Should Know By 60 ~

  1. Hold your liquor and know your limit.
    Hang with the guys, comfortably.

    I have changed my own tire….right on the Nike campus! Then drove to Costco to get a new one. But I’ll be damned if the TV doesn’t now confound me. In my defense, my husband just got a ‘smart TV’ and sweet mother of god it is so far beyond me….I may as well be configuring in SAP again. Sigh

    • Geez. You just reminded me it’s time to change the furnace filters and the smoke detector batteries too. Mr. Sims does not do this type of work 🙂

    • Good one Judy! I haven’t had anyone make a pass at me in so long, I’m not sure I would recognize it! ha ha. Thanks for the comment.

    • Thanks Christine. I love omelets and make a pretty good one if I do pat myself on the back. Now you’ve got me thinking about Sunday breakfast.

  2. Know women can you seriously discuss relationships *including the sex part* with if you begin to date again. Got this one from my guest on Smart Women Talk this last week!

    • So true Vic. Those special women friends are more important every year. Thanks! I wish I had put the know how important it is to “hold in your stomach” on my list 30 years ago.

  3. Know enough about the difference in a stock or bond–and in corporate and government bonds–that you can talk to a financial adviser. Know your comfort level with risk before you talk to that adviser.

    • So true, Linda. This is extremely important advice for ALL financial matters. Know how it all works and be a full participant either for yourself or part of a couple. Thank you!

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