House Sitting in The Country ~

I am currently enjoying the best house sitting assignment ever – on a vineyard overlooking a beautiful valley right in the heart of Oregon wine (and farm) country.  On a clear day, you truly can see forever.

For ten days of chicken wrangling, bird feeding, garden watering and loving-up a grey-haired-handsome-boy-kitty named Winston, I am living la pura vida in the hills of Dundee.  I am also learning the ins and outs of rural living.  And, in case you were wondering, life is pretty good out here in the country.  And just a little bit different than this city gal is used to. Not a Starbucks in sight, but the wine is top notch!

The only downside so far?  The Green Acres theme song keeps playing in my head.

And now you are humming it too.  You’re welcome!

I don’t know if the country life is the life for me, but I am savoring every moment of my country adventure.  Here are a few snaps I took the other day.

You know you are in the country when…

Fashion takes on a whole new meaning.

Fashion takes on a whole new meaning.

Maybe they make shoes to go with the outfit?

Maybe they make shoes to go with the outfit?

Making hay while the sun shines.  You've gotta be quick in Oregon

Making hay while the sun shines. You’ve gotta be quick in Oregon


So, a gnome wanders into a vineyard...

So, a gnome wanders into a vineyard…

Never seen this in the city.

Never seen this in the city.


Call now before the sign is covered in weeds.

Yes indeed!

Yes indeed!

And my personal favorite ~

Farmer humor

Farmer humor

Stay tuned for more adventures.


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23 thoughts on “House Sitting in The Country ~

    • Ha ha Char. I AM a city slicker but this has been fun and it comes with a wine cellar. How bad could it be? Les came out for the weekend and he’s coming back tomorrow to help me wrap up on Thursday morning. I’m available if you know anyone in Port Townsend who needs a house/pet sitter.

  1. Love the photos. So cute. I loved Green Acres. Hope your country experience was a little less troublesome than the Douglas’.

    • Thanks Donna. It has been a totally wonderful experience. Not Green Acres at all but I loved the song.

    • This time I am house sitting for friends. Ten days while they are in Japan. But when we retire (soon I hope) my hubs and I hope to use house sitting as a way to travel more and for less money. We’re currently listed as sitters and needing sitters on It’s a fun site to cruise for info.

    • Thanks Noel. Not great photos but I was taking this from my car just quickly pulling up on a two land road and trying not to get killed. They just tickled me and I wanted to share.

    • Anda, it is a gorgeous house on a vineyard so not really country but it is in the country so it’s the best of both worlds. Housesitting is staying in someone’s home to take care of various things – plants, mail, pets, etc. while the homeowner is away. It is my plan to become traveling house sitters when my husband and I retire. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to travel. Check out for more information. This sit was for a friend of mine and my second chicken wrangling gig. Lots of fun.

  2. I’ve lived in the country since 1982 , Nancy, and absolutely love it! Ot is indeed a whole different way of life, but it sure helps you know the meaning of fresh air, clean water, and neighbourly love.

    • Doreen, It’s been a refreshing and relaxing (even with the farm work and chicken wrangling) 10 days. I can certainly understand why people love the country life.

    • Neva, I had so much fun driving down country roads and trying to take pictures without killing myself. There is a mole sign I still need to get for my road sign collection. I loved those burma shave signs too.

    • I am a city girl but I could get used to this kind of country living for sure. It’s the best of both worlds. thanks for stopping by the blog.

    • Thanks Kirsten. I need to try and capture the chicken run on video. Words don’t do it justice.

  3. Wow, I’d be a pro at looking after the wine, the bird feeding and the kitty named Winston but dressing a horse in its outfit or wrangling chickens? Not so much. I hope you’re enjoying your house-sitting!

  4. We’re actually wrapping up our third housesitting gig in (one in Antigua, Guatemala and two in Costa Rica) and this is our first time living out in the country, too. A huge change from city living where you can walk or take a taxi or bus to where you need to go but we’ve really enjoyed being country bumpkins. The stars go on forever, butterflies, birds and iguanas are plentiful and we have flocks of green parrots that make their journey overhead twice daily in the early morning and evening. Uh oh, the Green Acres theme song is echoing in my mind, too!

    • Hi Anita, Thanks for the comment! We are just getting started on the house-sitting travel plan and I would really appreciate any tips you might be willing to share on how you found the gigs you’ve done so far, what your experiences have been (good/bad) and anything to avoid. I love to learn from those who’ve blazed the trail. Thanks!

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