Smitten with Chickens ~

Yep.  After a week on the farm, I am officially smitten with chickens.


Especially the five ladies I’ve taken under my wing (so to speak) for this house sitting adventure.  I had no idea what beautiful, smart and delightfully entertaining creatures chickens are.  They are feathered comediennes and you can’t help but smile when you interact with them.

I’ve been getting to know “the girls” for several days now.  Each has a unique personality. They are very social and quite talkative.  I am totally gaga over these feathered beauties.  Last night I sat in the grass and tried my hand (with moderate success) at chicken portraiture.  chickens in the vineyard

Every evening I let them out of the chicken pen to wander freely around the lawn and into the edge of the vineyard.  They are lined up and waiting by 5:00 p.m. calling me to hop to it and open the damn gate already.  They make a break and their first stop is usually a nice dirt bath.


Around dusk I head out to wrangle everyone back into the coop for the night.  My secret weapon is a big bag of Happy Hen Treats aka dried mealworms.  A few hardy shakes of the bag and the girls come running.  They are a sight to behold! DSCN3883 chickens2 chickenbutts2 Spending time with these feathered lovelies has been one of the highlights of this house sit. You never know what adventures life has in store. I am so glad I said yes to this opportunity.

Cheers from the vineyard,





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11 thoughts on “Smitten with Chickens ~

    • Diana, I can honestly say I never thought I would see the day when I would sit for hours trying to get chickens to pose for portraits. It was fun for sure.

  1. I also loved looking at your portraits of chickens. I especially liked the first, second, and fifth ones because of the glorious backgrounds. The chicken did not detract from the backgrounds, and neither did the backgrounds detract from the chickens. I thought it such an interesting interplay to have such familiar birds set against such glorious scenery.

    • Thanks Linda. These are definitely some uptown girls and I had a great time creating these portraits. They don’t stand still very long!

  2. Nancy, I LOVE your chicken portraits! You did such a wonderful job with them! The colors are really deep and lovely. The top one is perfection! Hmmm…I haven’t eaten red meat in years, and this post makes me want to stop eating chicken, too! I’ll be a vegan yet…

    • Thanks so much Joy. I really had a lot of fun taking these photos. Chickens move quickly and they bob their heads when they walk so it was not as easy as I expected when I took my camera out on the lawn.

  3. How fun! Our daughter raises chickens on her farm and we’ve enjoyed her stories about their antics. They really are individuals, aren’t they? Great pics. Any eggs to gather?

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