Bird’s Eye View ~

A bird’s eye view ~ More adventures in house sitting on a vineyard. bird's eye view golden finch

They flitted in and out claiming their time at the bird feeder hanging just outside the big kitchen window.  Some politely took their turn, others muscled their way right in, while a few hovered on the railing below waiting for a break in the action.

Early each morning and late into the evening I perched myself on a stool by the window to watch the show.  They came by the dozens.  Swirling flashes of color – bright lemon yellow, fire-ball orange against midnight black, soft dove grey and warm mottled brown – each a beauty in its own way.  These were the birds who enchanted and entertained me for ten days.

I learned a thing or two from my new feathered friends.  And of course I took a few photos.

bird's eye view morning dove bird's eye view yellow songbirds bird's eye view of a finch in the rain bird's eye view  bird on the rail bird's eye view Spending my time with the birds was a whole lot more entertaining and enlightening than any program on the television.  That I know for sure.



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18 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View ~

    • Thank you so much, Dale! It is always encouraging to hear nice feedback from fellow bloggers and photo classmates. I really enjoyed talking to the birds.

  1. I love your bird photos with the quotes.I like to watch and listen to the birds in our Manitoba back yard. We had lots of birds to watch and listen to when we wintered in Arizona this year. It’s nice to see and hear different birds in the various places one travels to.

    • Thanks Donna. It’s interesting how much unique beauty we miss when we are traveling at the speed of Life. Slowing down to travel at a retirement pace, opens up new worlds to enjoy. Stop and smell the roses and listen to the wisdom of the singing birds.

    • Carol, thanks for the webcam video of the birds at the feeder. That is exactly what was going on at the vineyard. I was able to capture them as they took a moment to re-group while sitting on the railing below.

  2. These are incredibly beautiful photos of birds. I find them so hard to capture – with my camera 😉 I will take nature any day over television. Cheers!

    • Thank you Michelle. I find I don’t do too badly when I have lots of time to take lots of shots. Staying by myself at the vineyard made it much easier to practice.

  3. Great photos of birds. I find them difficult to photograph. I’m usually using my smart phone camera—-do you think that could be part of my problem? Did you use a camera with a telefoto lens?

    • Suzanne, I use a point and shoot camera – Nikon Coolpix. It’s a little better than my iphone 4 but still very limiting. I’m afraid to move up because I often get stumped by technology and then never get out of auto mode anyway. I spent quite a while on both the birds and the chickens. When traveling, especially with others, it’s difficult because you are always in a bit of a hurry. Thanks for your kind words on my photos.

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