Aging with Attitude ~

It’s not your age.  It’s your attitude.  Isn’t that what they say?

Well, I’ve got plenty of attitude and some days its not the attitude of gratitude I’ve been striving for.  Some days I just feel old.  And tired.  And really tired of working for a living.  I’m the last of my peers to still be chained to a desk and while most of the time I am extremely grateful for the job and the paycheck, sometimes I think I’ll never get out of the retirement starting gate.  The grass looks greener where my friends are playing, and gardening, and traveling and starting happy hour at 3 o’clock instead of our usual 5:30 meet-up time back in days when we all snuck out of work a little early for attitude adjustment hour.  I’ve got short-timer’s disease for sure and the time feels very long indeed.

But here’s the thing.  While I am ready to give up the desk jockey job, I am not ready to give up some kind of meaningful work.  Whatever work might look like.  So, I’ve been trying on all kinds of hats to see what fits and what feels kinda groovy.  At least for a while.  travel writer – blogger – world explorer – pet and house sitter – walking enthusiast – photographer.  So many hats!  So little time.  And I still don’t know what I want to be when I finally get the chance for my second or third or forth acts.

It's fun trying on new hats!

It’s fun trying on new hats!

Some people seem to float from act to act with ease.  I admire these folks.  And, I love hearing their stories and learning from their adventures.

Meet Barbara Beskind ~


photo courtesy of IDEO/Senior Planet

Barbara is somewhere around her 6th Act.  She is a role model extraordinaire.  Barbara just celebrated her 90th birthday – with her co-workers at IDEO, a Silicon Valley innovation company, where she recently started her latest gig as one of their designers.  A job she won when she competed in the firm’s design challenge for products for older adults.  Every Thursday Ms. Beskind travels by train from her retirement community in San Mateo, CA to the IDEO offices in San Jose.  She’s not an engineer, but she certainly is a real life adviser.   Read more of Barbara’s inspiring story on Senior Planet.

Rock-on older ladies, indeed!

So, my dears, here’s the question of the day. What does aging with attitude mean to you?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.




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12 thoughts on “Aging with Attitude ~

  1. I love this Nancy! I just turned 50 and am out of a job (but not looking… yet) I’m hoping to find a hat to wear myself that does NOT involve going back to a desk job. Blech. Did it for 30 years. Time for change!

    What an inspiration Barbara Beskind is! My goodness. It is indeed NEVER too late, eh?

    I hope you find the one that makes you happy – for no matter how long before the next one comes along!

    • Dale, from what you’ve posted showing your many food and recipe talents, I think you could cook up a very tasty new career in the food world. Like me, I feel you are honing your skills – cooking, writing, photography into once very fun and marketable package. Best of luck!

    • Dale, it is absolutely never too late. You are just a young-un my dear. Fifty seems so long ago already.

  2. I too am out of work but instead of worrying about it I have my expenses low enough that I only work a few hours a week, when I want, to make ends meet and have time for all the fun stuff now.

    • You’ve got it right, Lois. Enjoy what you have and be grateful. The rest will take care of itself somehow.

  3. Jesse Jackson said we need to adopt an “attitude of gratitude” and I agree. Being grateful for each day is the key…but only the starting point. For me, exercise is the magic elixir. Cut me in half and count the rings and you’ll see I’m 68. But that’s just a chronological age. Physically, I feel 50; emotionally I feel 16 and spiritually I feel timeless. Journaling every day and blogging irregularly helps me keep my life on track; exercising keeps my heart strong (I’m in a sprint triathlon on Sunday); and praying, meditating and helping others keeps me spiritually fit. All I can tell you is that it’s working so far.

    Gil Peters

    • Well said Gil. You are definitely living the good life and taking time to be in the moment and be grateful for the life you have makes it all even better. See you guys soon!

  4. the question that should be asked is – how old would you be if you did not know how old you were?

    I guess that is the answer to your question. It is not the age that makes us old, it is the attitude that makes you age.

    Just have fun, do what you love, follow your heart, and forget about what others will or are saying.

    • I absolutely agree with you on this Dace. Follow your heart, have fun and don’t worry about age. Just keep enjoying and learning and moving as long as you can!

  5. What does aging w/ attitude mean to me?

    For starters: backpacking solo across South Africa and Mozambique at 6-Oh! (not to mention, getting my first tattoo!), followed shortly thereafter by selling everything I own, buying a ONE-WAY ticket to Vietnam, teaching EFL part-time, hopping on camels in the Gobi desert in Mongolia, backpacking across most every country in Asia, and then… at near 7 decades on the Planet – hopping to a whole new continent, and settling in as an expat here in Ecuador – at the tippy-top (8,000 ft.!) of a mountain top in the Andes.

    And yes, all with but a single backpack and a rollie. 😉

    • I love your aging with attitude mindset and you are definitely showing the rest of us how to live the traveling life. Thank you and well done.

  6. Well, I’m pretty sure retirement is a LONG way off for me despite my age. So, finding work that helps me grow and serve my community has been very much a blessing. A new hat always invites new learning (and dusting off your ‘thinking cap’!) and that can’t help but keep a person young!

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