Field of Dreams ~

Field of Dreams – build it and they will come.

This weekend hubs and I slathered ourselves with sunscreen, loaded our cooler with ice, water and lots of snacks and drove down a dusty gravel road headed for a beautiful place that we will forever remember as the orchard in the middle of nowhere.

I had signed us up to be members of a small but mighty volunteer army whose mission was to transform a dusty field in a pear orchard into an elegant location for a farm to table dinner.  Talk about a make-over!

This dream team, a well-oiled machine of many talents and amazing can-do energy (plus hubs and I) rolled up their sleeves, put on their sun hats and got to work early Saturday morning.  In less than 36 hours something akin to magic had taken place.

I had my camera in hand so I could capture the transformation. It was such a cool experience that I put together this little time-lapse video to share ~

Congratulations to Kirsten and the whole Home Plate Dream Team.  You guys rock!  Thanks for letting us get our hands (and feet!) dirty and use a few muscles that must have needed it.




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14 thoughts on “Field of Dreams ~

    • Thanks Kirsten, I always bring my camera but you never know in the heat of the moment and bright sun what kind of shots you are getting. I was happy that I had enough usable ones to play with and make the video. And I learned how to make a You Tube channel and upload the imovie to YouTube so I could then figure out how to embed it into the blog. I did this when I should have been working 🙂 Congratulations one more time.

    • Thanks Char! It was a lot of work and a lot of fun for a really great cause so we were happy to participate. And I was happy to get to clean up (sort of) and be part of the event on the other side. It was a truly lovely evening in the orchard/vineyard. Did you get to meet my friend Evans? She and Dawnie were playing all last week.

  1. Well, that sure looked like fun! And fabulous too! I loved the transformation. And loved the dusty foot shot! You know, when you come to Hull, you will be meeting some of your most dedicated blog followers at the brunch! Be prepared to meet your public!

    • Thanks Margie. Les and I have not done that kind of physical labor (in the heat!) for a long time. It felt like the old days at Hollywood Props. See you soon!

  2. That looks amazing! Do you volunteer to see up and then eat? Or did you ask for the experience to help out? I have always wanted to do that! Fun!!

    • Hi Heather, we volunteered and the volunteers did get to eat but not at all those lovely tables. Les and I were the guests of Kirsten at her lovely table so we got to eat with the fancy people. I had to try to wash those dirty feet off with a bucket of water and paper towels in the farm bathroom. Home Plate Youth Services is an amazing organization that Kirsten works for as Director of Development. It serves homeless youth in Washington County.

  3. What a great you tube video! You’ve got skills! It looks like all your hard work paid off with a great time for all!

    • Thank you Andrea. It was really fun to be able to tell the story through photos. I kept wishing for a better camera but then if it had been any bigger than my little point & shoot, I wouldn’t have been able to work and carry my camera in my pocket.

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