Labor & Delivery ~ hatching a retirement plan

Hatching a retirement plan isn’t always quick or easy. It’s been germinating for weeks, months, heck, probably the better part of two years…

As many of you know, the whole idea for Just a Backpack and a Rollie started (somewhat as a lark) in response to hubs’ daily happy hour comment “Let’s become citizens of the world…it if doesn’t fit in the backpack and rollie, then we probably don’t need it.”  You can check out that very first post here.


I thought he’d gone over the edge.  He was newly retired and I was still firmly tethered to the corporate world and all it’s trappings (read that as security with a capital S).  Truth be told, he had no idea in hell how this new plan might happen.  But he sure liked saying the words.  No amount of logic on my part seemed to deter him.  When they say that opposites attract, they are talking about hubs and I.  He tosses them out there…I feel compelled to catch them and then figure out how to make them come to life.  I’ve spent a lot of time exploring all of the options and opportunities available to free-spirited retirees looking for travel and adventure on the cheap.  The possibilities are endless, but for us (at least for now) it kept coming back to house sitting.  Well, okay then…let’s do it!  Get the ducks lined up and get the hell outta Dodge while we’ve still got enough get-up to go.

And TADA! at 3:45pm Pacific Standard Time on November 1st, a new life was born!

World meet Global HouseSitting Pros – our new website/blog.

Creating the Global HouseSitting Pros site has been a labor of love, a huge learning adventure (now I can add website developer to my CV), and a giant leap forward for hubs and I as we inch closer toward our retirement dream.  I haven’t cut the corporate tie quite yet, (sorry, I’m the logical one) but since I can work from any location with a good wifi connection and cell reception, we’re going to start by setting up several house sits on the west coast – anywhere from British Columbia, Canada to Baja, Mexico.

We will keep you posted – hopefully with postcards from the road.




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9 thoughts on “Labor & Delivery ~ hatching a retirement plan

  1. This is wonderful, Nancy! I’m the one like Les – throwing ideas out there and hoping one or another gets caught… so far, not “batting a thousand” as they say!

    I wish you much luck on your fabulous new endeavour and should I hear of anyone searching for your skills… I will definitely direct them to you!

    • Thanks Dale, we’re going for it and if it doesn’t work, we’ll re-group and try something else. At our age (Les and I) it’s a little harder than if we had done this at 20-something but better late than never, eh?

  2. Nice job with the website Nancy it looks very professional. You really are something special. I hope people will see that in your website. Good luck. Evans

    • Thanks Evans. It is all (including the new website) a work in progress but I’m putting it out to the Universe to help make it real.

  3. Congratulations! We just recently retired and as we drove across country I created a 10-step program for retirement. We had a lot of time to think while on the road! 🙂 I saw your photo from the Camino. We are gearing up to take our 500-mile walk in April/May of 2015! Safe travels ~

    • Thanks Patti. Did you put your 10 step program on your blog? I’m always learning! Buen Camino! You picked an excellent time for it – not too hot.

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