Housesitting is Like a Box of Chocolates


House-sitting is like a box of chocolates. There are so many unique opportunities to choose from and you are never quite sure what you’re going to get until you arrive on the doorstep.

It’s been just over 60 days and we are now on our fifth house-sitting gig. Each has had it’s own unique charm. Hubs and I luxuriated for a month in a large home in the suburbs. Next we watched the sun rise over Mt. Hood from a high-rise loft and enjoyed Christmas in the city. New Years day we hiked the “back forty” surrounding our custom built cabin on Whidbey island and took the ferry to go to the movies. Last week we settled into a very tiny no-frills house within walking distance to all of the art, culture, food and drink that Ashland has to offer. We’ve thrilled to glorious snow-capped mountain views, driven through rain, sleet, ice and snow, made good use of the Washington State Ferry System, become best-buds with five fabulous kitties and two lovable dogs. We’ve slept in big beds, small beds, hard beds, soft beds…just call me Goldilocks.  But I haven’t seen any bears. Yet. DottieinLangley Ferryatnight PMmountainview tacomanarrowsbridge

All this adventure and we’re still in Oregon. This was definitely not the plan. We thought we would be soaking up the sun in Arizona by now. Sometimes you make the plan and sometime the plan reveals itself as you go. For once, we’ve been smart enough to go with the flow and let the plan unfold as it will. Not so easy for a habitual planner, but I’m learning to (mostly) let it be.

So do we have a plan? Yes we do. And it’s quite simply this…to sample every damn chocolate in the house-sitting box. We think it’s a pretty good plan.

We’re in Ashland for almost three months which gives us time to experience living like we are locals. Hubs has found a gym and a trainer. Yea! I’ve signed up for yoga, tried a new hair dresser (that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped), settled in to a new afternoon tea place, met a lovely friend Dany who just moved up from California and plan to take a needle felting class at the fabulous Ashland Art Center this Friday. We’ve stocked the larder, located the liquor store and the wine shop and know our way around the food co-op. We’ve met the neighbors and been invited for cocktails. Not bad for the first week. Ashland is our current box of See’s and we’re hoping to sample every buttercream, truffle and nougat that this little town has to offer. Life is sweet!



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9 thoughts on “Housesitting is Like a Box of Chocolates

  1. Pleased to hear you are both enjoying your house-sitting adventures. It’s a lot of fun. Even the lucky-dip of where the house is located is an adventure. Here in Australia, opportunities are increasing beyond Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, I’ve just spent three months on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (two separate sits) enjoying the wonderful beaches up here. During the time I’ve been here I have rejected several other sits up here (due to needed to be in NSW for a few months) Any location is possible as long as you’re flexible and have good references – I’m very much looking forward to a few international sits. Cheers to many, many more adventures for all of us in the future. Happy Travels!

  2. Some people have been known to take a bite of each chocolate and put them back in the box if they weren’t quite good enough. Not your style! Glad you are savoring every type of chocolate there is. Life sounds very sweet indeed! Travel well, my friend!

    • Ha Ha Kirsten. There was a time when I would poke my fingernail into the back of a chocolate to see what the center was and then put it back if I didn’t want it. My sister will verify that. Not every chocolate is to your liking but a tiny taste never hurt. Enjoy your class this weekend!

  3. We have not done house sitting yet, but as empty nesters living a nomadic life we have done many a home exchange and found it to be a wonderful way to travel. Thanks for your post on house sitting, it certainly is something we might consider for future trips.

    • We have done both home exchange and house sitting. Our recent house sitting experience has given us 5+ months with no house expense. Once we find our next “home base” we will look at home exchange as well. You meet the most interesting people in this wonderful lifestyle as I’m sure you will agree. All the best to you!

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