Retirement for Dummies ~ surviving and thriving

Night sweats, terror dreams, restless monkey mind and walk, walk, walk and then walk a little more. Lots of walking. They say walking is good for your heart, your hips and you mental health. I must be fit as a fiddle. And then some!

And so goes my first official week of retirement.

What the hell was I thinking? It’s 10:0am on Day Two and I am OFFICIALLY BORED. I should have planned better. Thought this through. Booked up my schedule. Made more friends. Stayed in Oregon where I actually had friends. And like-minded friends at that.

Day One – I settled back in, got everything organized and then…??? You guessed it, went for a walk. Retirement is a whole new ball game and I am working on some long range travel goals, but at this moment it appears I need structure. I need mental stimulation. I need people. I need something to DO. Something with purpose. I need a PLAN.

Hubs has taken the act of doing nothing to high art. He loves it! He’s good at it! And he has no apologies for feeling that way. Good for him. We live in a small flat and everywhere I turn, there he is – so happy that I am finally retired and home with him. Doing nothing too. He is so damn pleasant and happy that I want to slap him and say “Get a job!”  Bless his heart.

I’ve never read Dantes Inferno, but I think I’m living in some version of it right now. “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” Or the movie Groundhog Day. Without the alarm clock. Same. Same. Same.

Whew! This feels a whole lot like whining. Not usually my MO unless there is actual wine involved, but sometimes it’s the best you’ve got. Say it out loud. Let it go. Then get on with it girl. It’s time for the harder than I thought it would be work of sorting out retirement and what it will look like for me. Not hubs, not friends who have gone before, but ME.

To be continued…

P.S.  Retirement officially started when my feet touched American soil not while still enjoying play time in sunny Mexico. That was officially “I’m finally on vacation” time. I was walking but definitely not whining that week.

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11 thoughts on “Retirement for Dummies ~ surviving and thriving

  1. So happy you are writing again! You are a great writer & I always love reading your creations! I love your honesty in your writing!
    I look forward to folliwing your retirement journey!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks Charlene. I felting like writing about this last week and then sat on it because it did feel like whining and I’m not really. I saw some strange humor there and suspect that at least for a short time, others have some of that same What the Hell?! feeling. And, writing gave me some thing to do. It is all an adventure isn’t it. Cheers!

  2. Hi
    I was wondering what happened to you. We spent 2016 traveling around the world, and I’ve been hoping to gain new inspiration from your posts. So glad tour writing again.

    We stayed in air bnb and hotels. I’ve been debating the whole house sitting thing. My biggest concern is cleanliness. Can you speak more about your house sitting Experience’s in a future post? Finding, choosing, logistics, expectations, cleanliness.

    Keep posting


    • Greetings! Glad to see you are still journeying. Thanks for the suggestion about providing some insider information on the pros and cons of house sitting. I will be posting about our most recent 7 week house sit in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Nancy

  3. Love that you’re writing again, Nancy. And it’s perfect that you’re working out your feelings about retirement through your blog.
    I’ve known Hubs for 54 years and have always been amazed by his ability to live without guilt. He just moves on from moment to moment. Most of us are not that fortunate.
    Here’s what I know, Retirement takes hard work, just like any other job. The specs are different but it’s a job nonetheless.
    You’ve been a hard worker your whole live, so I’m confident you’ll evolve a job description that fits you just right. In the meantime, let go of the whip and enjoy your process, says the man who’s finally learning that lesson nearly six years after retirement.
    Keep writing.


    • Hi Gil, I hope my little tale put some humor into the surprise of finding myself in this unusual state of being. Thanks for your vote of confidence and input. It is definitely a change. Enjoy your time in the sun. Nancy

  4. I’m pretty sure we see a lot of fabulous volunteers who came to our non-profit because of the very same dilemma. Welcome to the new phase. You’ll find your stride soon!

    • Thanks Kirsten. I am slowly working it all out and I am sure it will be a lot of trial and error. Having time (and something to say) on the blog again is fun. I am definitely checking out some local volunteer opportunities and I registered for a class at Vanderbilt on global warming. Hope all is well!

  5. Glad you are blogging again. Face it, girl, you’re in a hallway. You’ll find your direction. ..but being. ..just being, is a learned skill. You’re great at living vibrantly.’ll make the transition vibrantly.

    • Thanks Margie. You are right. I am not so comfortable with just being. I am used to doing. There is a healthy balance and I’m hoping to rest there.

  6. Its unanimous! We are all pleased to see you back here in the blogosphere!

    Not that I’m there yet, though at times it feels like it a I only work in a seasonal job – for now ☺ – the important thing is keeping busy doing stuff you really enjoy. Moat of the retired people I know are busier now.thrn when they worked!

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