Bird’s Eye View ~

A bird’s eye view ~ More adventures in house sitting on a vineyard. bird's eye view golden finch

They flitted in and out claiming their time at the bird feeder hanging just outside the big kitchen window.  Some politely took their turn, others muscled their way right in, while a few hovered on the railing below waiting for a break in the action.

Early each morning and late into the evening I perched myself on a stool by the window to watch the show.  They came by the dozens.  Swirling flashes of color – bright lemon yellow, fire-ball orange against midnight black, soft dove grey and warm mottled brown – each a beauty in its own way.  These were the birds who enchanted and entertained me for ten days.

I learned a thing or two from my new feathered friends.  And of course I took a few photos.

bird's eye view morning dove bird's eye view yellow songbirds bird's eye view of a finch in the rain bird's eye view  bird on the rail bird's eye view Spending my time with the birds was a whole lot more entertaining and enlightening than any program on the television.  That I know for sure.



Beautiful British Columbia ~ Birds, Bees & Buddha in the Backyard

Earlier this year I took Tammy Strobel’s Everyday Magic photography class.  I’m not sure how much my camera skills improved and I still use a tiny digital point & shoot, but I did learn to slow down and take the time to really see (and sometimes capture) the beauty and the magic all around me.

Last week we were enjoying a home exchange in beautiful British Columbia on Vancouver Island.  I had to work, so I set up my office in the sun room/den that overlooked the lush back garden.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I was immediately struck by all of the backyard birds.  Since I was chained to the desk for several hours each day and it was a very slow work week, I challenged myself to work on my bird photos.  Trust me, it’s not that easy.  Those little guys flit around so quickly that at first all I had were blurs, bird tails and photos of empty branches.  They heard my camera and were gone.  I was determined!  I took hundreds of shots.  Every morning and late afternoon I lay in wait behind the curtains.  Camera at the ready.  Eventually, I managed to take a few photos that weren’t too bad and, by the end of the week, I felt like I knew these guys personally.

Here are some of my favorites from the backyard.

birds6 E birdsusethis bees birds4 birds3 birdslast2 budda birds10

And one early morning shot of Sidney harbor.


What a wonderful reminder that there truly is magic in the everyday moments.  You just have to remember to slow down and watch for it.





Pop The Corks ~ a birth announcement!

Finally!  After what seemed like weeks of waiting, watching, wondering.


We have babies.

I’m doing the happy grandma dance.  Mama bird is not amused.

She snuck away for a few moments of peace and quiet (or a little snack) and I tiptoed in with my camera.

All tucked in tight - four wee babes

All tucked in tight – four wee babes

Just stirring awake

Just stirring awake

It's mom with FOOD!

It’s mom with FOOD!

Mom watched from the roof .  She let me know when I’d crossed the line and it was time to go away.


Have a great weekend.  Take time to enjoy the special moments.