Ducklings ~

Last week I took an after dinner camera stroll along Lake Oswego.  I sat for a long time watching a mama and her ducklings.  Some days I feel just like these little guys.  The pond looks deep and the water murky.  It feels safer to just sit on the rock and bask in the evening sun.  ducklingonarock

Or hang with my bestie… ducklingpair It all looks a little too scary… ducklingtestingthewater But, what I (finally) know for sure is that when I close my eyes, hold my nose and dive in… I bob along just fine.  Sometimes better than fine.  I find joy in the adventure every time I flex my bravery muscle. ducklingswimming Maybe that’s why they call it getting your ducks in a row.

Have a happy weekend.  I’m off to play with my Colorado besties.