Old Dogs ~ the art of aging gracefully

I’m pretty much an old dog and I know it.  But I’m not too old to learn a new trick or two.  One of them is the art of graceful aging.

Professional photographer Nancy LeVine has been poignantly capturing beauty in the watery eyes, graying muzzles and wizened faces of elder canines for the past nine years.  Senior Dogs Across America is Nancy’s personal project and you can see her love of each subject that stands before her camera – often on slightly tottering legs.

Nancy has traveled to every region of the country to meet elderly dogs and the humans who love and care for them.   She says she’s learned a great deal about aging with dignity from her work.  Dogs live in the moment – right up until their very last moment.   They aren’t fretting about the past or planning for the future.  They are here now.  And that’s enough.   It’s a trick we human old dogs could all work on perfecting.

Nancy has a wonderful Senior Dogs Across America Facebook page and a book in the works.  Click here to see more photos in Nancy’s online gallery.